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WP Munich is a Munich based WordPress agency that is determined to create the best themes and plugins for the community. Our products are optimized for highest performance and perfect SEO, while maintaining an easy usability.

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Beautifully designed Themes

Our themes are tailored for easy usability, good SEO and a versatile layout that suits your needs. They are not made for everyone, but for you! And if you need a pixel perfect theme made just for you, we can help you with that as well.

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Carefully crafted plugins

It just works. We work hard on extending the functionality of WordPress for our clients and for you! We create a wide variety of plugins, ranging from simple fixes for a specific problem to large integration of complex APIs into WordPress.

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From our blog

Structured data and Gutenberg

The new “Gutenberg” editor is supposed to be the future of WordPress. The project aims to completely revamp the editing UI and leaves behind many old paradigms. But many of those are well established, loved and needed for future developments. So I’m asking myself: What about structured data?

Designing for usability in the WordPress Customizer

We have mixed feelings about the WordPress Customizer in the office. The intention to provide a common customization workflow for themes is nice, but the lack of attention for the customizer over the years has generated a lot of bad usability. So how do we design for usability in the WordPress customizer?